How to Choose a Wedding Theme

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How to Choose a Wedding Theme

wedding planning orange countyIf you’re newly engaged or thinking of becoming engaged, then you must know that the theme of your wedding will be the most important part you choose. The theme will determine your color palate, venue, layout of the reception and even the date of your wedding (if your theme is dependent on a specific season). So, a lot is riding on the theme. Here are a few things to consider that will aid you in choosing your wedding theme:

Personal Style- Your personal style can affect the theme more than you might think. For example, if you’re a punk princess then a Cinderella fairy tale wedding probably won’t be your ideal theme. It is important to look at your personal style when considering wedding themes. You wouldn’t want to choose a theme that’s totally opposite of your personal style. That would be uncomfortable and your wedding day is supposed to showcase you, girl!

Interest of the Couple– A lot of couples meet at a certain place that influences their relationship. For example, if you met your sweetheart in college, then you might do your wedding in the school colors and have a college themed reception. Or if you met on vacation in a tropical destination, a beach themed wedding would bring you back to the place of where it all started.

Familial/Religious Values- If your family is die hard into religion then they might prefer if their darling gets married in a church which would make for a beautiful traditional wedding. Or, there might be a venue that all the brides in your family has been getting married at for years and you want to continue the tradition.

Any of these factors could decide the theme of your wedding. The important thing here is that you choose a theme that is comfortable for YOU and what you want. Once you’ve decided the theme and are ready to move forward with the planning, schedule your consultation with Rebecca Calagna who can guide you in making your special day the absolute best!

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