Kimberly + John’s Wedding- 2.18.17

Kimberly + John’s Wedding- 2.18.17

I recently had the pleasure of planning Kimberly and John’s wedding which took place on February 18. This wedding was a referral which came from a dear friend of mine. I love working with families that show so much love and devotion to each other!

The couple wed at El Adobe de Capistrano Restaurant in San Juan Capistrano. El Adobe has a beautiful setting inside and outside and is a California state recognized landmark. Remember those California storms? Well, God was looking out for us because the rain held out long enough for John and Kim to have their ceremony in the outdoor chapel!

Here are some of my favorite images from: Prema Buck/PbStyle Photography

A huge thank you to the rest of the team:

Venue: El Adobe De Capistrano Restaurant

Florist: Jenny B

Floral Cake: Lauren Gaitan

DJ: The People’s DJ

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orange county wedding plannerorange county wedding plannerorange county wedding plannerorange county wedding planner

Top 10 Destination Wedding Locations

Top 10 Destination

Wedding Locations

orange county wedding plannerOkay, brides. You’ve decided that getting married in your hometown/state isn’t quite what you want. Or maybe you’ve always dreamed of a tropical beach wedding. Your guest list is full of unnecessary people and you want to weed it down to just immediate family. Destination weddings are a super fun way to achieve that. It can also double as a money saver when it comes to the honeymoon. Picking a lovely destination means you can take your honeymoon in the same place you are getting married which will save on transportation costs. There will only be the cost of going to your wedding location and back home. The extra cost of getting to the honeymoon spot will be eliminated. Plus, your wedding will be one to remember for years to come! Here are the top 10 destination wedding locations:

  1. Aruba- One of the only islands in the Caribbean that is not affected by hurricanes. Weather will not ruin your bad day!      orange county wedding planner
  2. Belize- Rich with clear blue ocean and beaches and history! Getting married with a Mayan blessing gives your wedding an extra oomph.
  3. Florida- The Sunshine State ranks as the top destination in the US. If your wedding budget doesn’t allow you to travel to one of the international locations, this is perfect for you! There are so many different option- Orlando, Miami and Key West just to name a few. It is also one of the most popular spots to take a honeymoon.
  4. Hawaii- Is second to Florida when it comes to domestic locations! Choose from several spots on the big island and go see lava and whales while you’re there.
  5. orange county wedding plannerTahiti- It’s so beautiful it can seem as if you’re getting married in another world. The waters are turquoise and the sand is pure white. Perfect for the beach bri
  6. Bahamas- The flights are super easy to get or take a cruise since its popular porting spot! Nassau is one of the most popular places in the island because of its Versailles Gardens.
  7. Dominican Repulic- Punta Cana is one of the premiere wedding locations and even comes with a free coordinator! The DR is noted as one of the most accommodating international locations to get married in.
  8. Jamaica- Another top spot in the Caribbean with a fantastic selection of villas. It is also rich in history with it being the place Marilyn Monroe honeymooned with Arthur Miller.
  9. Puerto Rico- Packed with Spanish culture and a jungle backdrop, makes for a spicy wedding!
  10. St. Lucia- With the French and Spanish influences, Lucia is home of the Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens.

Those are the top 10 locations for wedding destinations! Remember, if you can’t have a destination wedding, we have some beautiful locations offering the same beachy vibe here in Orange County. I’m only an email away. Xo, Rebecca

Must Haves for Your Valentine’s Day Proposal

Must Haves for Your Valentine’s Day Proposal

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon and you’ve decided you can’t live without your significant other and want to propose on the day of love. Once the feelings of excitement and anticipation wear off, you realize that you need a proposal that will knock their socks off with it being a Valentine’s Day surprise. Here’s a few must haves that will spice up your proposal:

Rebecca Calagna Events

Roses- Red or any color of roses are sure to bring a smile to their face! Not only that, but roses add a romantic touch to just about anything. Surprise them with a bouquet of roses or several bouquets (depending on where you propose). Another route, is to use rose petals as a guide to where you’re waiting with the ring or to just pretty up the proposal location.

Rebecca Calagna Events

Candles- Just like roses, candles bring the romance. Use tea light candles to set the scene. Or if you’re proposing at dinner, make sure to have candles on the table to make it a candle lit dinner. The fire of the candles will burns as bright as your love for each other.

Rebecca Calagna Events

Balloons-  Heart shaped, red, or any kind of Valentine’s balloons add a fun layer to your proposal. You could even have a red balloon that says ‘will you marry me?’ or ‘be mine forever’ to surprise them. Balloons add a feel that it’s an occasion to remember because most birthdays and other events all have balloons.

Candy hearts- As our photo suggests, you can go the simple route and give your sweet heart a candy heart that says ‘marry me’ along with the ring. Candy hearts are a popular treat of V-day and will make you feel like kids again.

Rebecca Calagna Events

Perfect Location– Where you propose may be the most important part on this list. Propose somewhere that means something to both of you. Where you had your first date or first kiss are good candidates for this. Or if you are sports fans, propose at a sporting event where their favorite team is playing. It doesn’t have to be complicated or over the top. It could be as simple as taking them to a fancy restaurant and having the ring placed in their food or drink. Any of these will make for amazing Valentine’s Day proposals as long as your heart is into it.


Rebecca Calagna Events

Are you planning on proposing this V-day? Tell us your must-haves in the comments! Or, if you already proposed on a prior V-day share your stories below! Don’t forget to contact me, when you’re ready to start planning your special day:)

How to Choose a Wedding Theme

How to Choose a Wedding Theme

wedding planning orange countyIf you’re newly engaged or thinking of becoming engaged, then you must know that the theme of your wedding will be the most important part you choose. The theme will determine your color palate, venue, layout of the reception and even the date of your wedding (if your theme is dependent on a specific season). So, a lot is riding on the theme. Here are a few things to consider that will aid you in choosing your wedding theme:

Personal Style- Your personal style can affect the theme more than you might think. For example, if you’re a punk princess then a Cinderella fairy tale wedding probably won’t be your ideal theme. It is important to look at your personal style when considering wedding themes. You wouldn’t want to choose a theme that’s totally opposite of your personal style. That would be uncomfortable and your wedding day is supposed to showcase you, girl!

Interest of the Couple– A lot of couples meet at a certain place that influences their relationship. For example, if you met your sweetheart in college, then you might do your wedding in the school colors and have a college themed reception. Or if you met on vacation in a tropical destination, a beach themed wedding would bring you back to the place of where it all started.

Familial/Religious Values- If your family is die hard into religion then they might prefer if their darling gets married in a church which would make for a beautiful traditional wedding. Or, there might be a venue that all the brides in your family has been getting married at for years and you want to continue the tradition.

Any of these factors could decide the theme of your wedding. The important thing here is that you choose a theme that is comfortable for YOU and what you want. Once you’ve decided the theme and are ready to move forward with the planning, schedule your consultation with Rebecca Calagna who can guide you in making your special day the absolute best!

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