Venue Coordinator VS Wedding Coordinator

Weddings are a dream come true and one of the most memorable days of your life. With there being so many titles in the industry, couples end up confused about who does what and often thinks they won’t need a wedding coordinator (also called a planner) because their venue has a venue coordinator (also called a venue manager). 

The venue plays a huge part in your wedding day, as does a Wedding Coordinator. To have a well-executed wedding day, you will need both a Wedding Coordinator AND a Venue Coordinator. These two professionals work together to produce a day free of stress and made for pleasant memories. 

            Wedding Coordinators and Venue Coordinators are different positions, and each has separate responsibilities which work together on your perfect day. A Venue Coordinator oversees everything taking place at the venue of choice. They are accountable for seating set-up, management of food and beverage supplied by the venue, electricity up and running, etc., including the venue’s complete cleanliness. They work exclusively for the venue. 

            A Wedding Coordinator works with the entire bridal party and all outside vendors. A Wedding Coordinator takes care of the set-up and clean-up of personal items and does this while focusing on and following a precise timeline of events. The Wedding Coordinator has an allegiance to the Bride and Groom and represents your wishes on the Wedding day. 

             Truth being, there might be some slight overlap in duties, but both jobs work hand in hand to make sure your day runs smoothly. RC Events team loves the venue coordinators we work with and know we could not do our job without them. We hope this diagram provided will help you understand the differences. If you think you would like the benefits and peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a team of professionals on your side, reach out to us.

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Many of my students started their Wedding Planning career by getting their certification right before Covid-19 wreaked havoc on our industry. I’ve been asked a few times what they can be doing now to build their business until the pandemic is over.

Here are 6 things I want you to be working on now!

  1. Grow your vendor network. Reach out to those vendors that you’ve been wanting to connect with. Have virtual cup of coffee to get to know them and a little about their business. We are all in the same boat here and any bit of connection and referrals is going to truly keep our business going.
  2. Start your Website. If you don’t have your website started yet, now is the time to get it going! I often think ‘oh, I’ll just do that myself’ but as someone who has both created a website with a template AND hired someone to redo it , I would suggest hiring someone from the start that is knowledgeable! Email me for a recommendation!
  3. Clearly define your business practices. Make sure you have your business practices clearly defined. Remember those handouts I gave you? Put them to use and create all your own documents to have ready to go. Now is the time to make sure you have your protocol and documentation in order. Don’t forget that Force Majure clause to protect your company.
  4. Start a blog! Blog about your new business, past events, vendors you love, venues you love and so on. This will help potential clients find you when they are searching.
  5. Get your business listed online. Research and find all the sites that you can list your business for FREE. There are a ton of them out there that allow you to have a free listing – The Knot and Wedding Wire are two of them.

As always, focus on your mental health during this time! Inhale that confidence and exhale your doubt. YOU GOT THIS! Good luck and if you need anything from us, we are always here to chat!

xo, rc

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Ashleyann and Raymond’s Wedding

Elegant and historical are two words that come to mind when describing Ashleyann and Raymond’s special day.  They were married at the beautiful and antique Mission Inn.  The combination of the old chapel and choice of white and green color palette was a match made in heaven.  From the beautiful heartfelt ceremony to the amazing hanging florals in the reception, Ashleyann and Raymond’s wedding was a night to remember.

The details of the ceremony were to die for.  Their choice of florals perfectly accented the architecture of the Mission Inn.  The flower arrangements simply added and enhanced the details of the chapel.  The details perfectly highlighted the couples sweet I Dos.  Just look at the gorgeous ceremony and of course the gorgeous couple!

Their reception was absolutely lavish and glamorous.  The details were picture perfect from the beautiful place settings with hints of gold to adorable signage on the guest book table.  The white florals with lots of greenery tied the whole room together perfectly with a sweet romantic touch.

One of our favorite details was the florals hanging from the chandeliers.  This was such a unique and romantic touch that pulled all the details together.


Congratulations to this sweet couple, we wish them a long and happy life together!


Special thanks to these awesome vendors:

Venue: Mission Inn
Hair and Makeup: Makeup by Lex and Ashley Swank
Florist: Irises Designs
Photographer: Sun and Sparrow
Videographer: Xposure films
DJ: Southern California DJs