8 fun ideas for hosting a virtual Bridal Shower

Many Bride’s are having to cancel showers because of restrictions on gatherings. However, instead of cancelling, what if you can switch to a virtual bridal shower and have the same amount of fun?

Here are the platforms that you can use for your virtual bridal shower:

  1. Google Hangouts
  2. Skype
  3. Facebook
  4. Zoom

You will want to create an Invitation to send to your guest-list. The invitation should include the following:

  1. Date and Time
  2. Link to the Platform
  3. Short explanation of the Shower
  4. RSVP information
  5. Gift Registry information and address to send gifts to

Here is where we can get creative! Use the following ideas to get your creativity flowing. 

Bridal Backdrop. In order to make this special for the Bride, I would set up a special backdrop and decorated chair for the Bride to sit in. Balloons are still being delivered or you can DIY a balloon backdrop for your Bride!

Open your gifts from afar. Use that special backdrop and chair to sit in to broadcast your present opening. Remember how you included your registry and address information with your Invitation? Your gifts were sent directly to your home and you are now able to open while your guests watch. This is one of the most fun parts of a shower anyhow!

Send your Bride a special meal. As the bridal shower host, find out your Bride’s favorite meal and have it delivered for her. If your budget permits, and your guests are in a similar location, have the same restaurant deliver to all guests.

Send your guests a care package – how about a “boxed” lunch delivered to their doorstep? Or a care package created around the theme you choose for your Bridal shower (see below).

Have a Netflix Party (www.netflixparty). You can now watch Netflix with your friends online. Send all your guests a movie watching package complete with popcorn and your Bride’s favorite candy.

Host a Sip and Paint. Again, send your guests a care package around this theme. Have them open their favorite bottle of wine or send each guests the Bride’s favorite bottle. Send them a canvas, paint brushes and paint. Once the call starts, show them a picture of what they will be creating. Have the Bride choose her favorite at the end and provide that person with a special e-surprise.

Bride or Couple’s Cocktail Party. There are companies that will send sourced cocktail ingredients directly to your door. How amazing to send each guests the cocktails they will make so you are all drinking the same thing during your online cocktail party! sourcedcraftcocktails.com

Host a yoga or sweat session to get ready for the big day! Get that sweat dripping you’re your favorite bridal party. Contact your local gyms to find an instructor that would host a private virtual session. Try https://www.urbanommke.com/bridalyoga for an online class! 

I hope these ideas have sparked some creativity. There are so many ways you can make a special time despite Quarantine. As always, we are just an email away, if you need an e-invite or more ideas. 

Much Love! xo, rc

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