Groom’s guide to Everything Wedding

The most important 4 words to use throughout the wedding process is…” How can I help?” Sooner or later stress will set in and by asking this question often can make a huge difference.

During The Planning

The early stages of wedding planning are important for you to be involved. The major things to agree on are:

The Budget – What to spend, where are funds coming from. Traditionally the Bride’s family has paid for the wedding and the Groom’s family covers the rehearsal dinner, in modern times anything goes nowadays.

Guest list-

  • Her side
  • His side
  • Their side
  • Starting # of guests (according to Venue size)
  • Work together to specify the number of guests. Keep in mind the capacity of the venue and “the cost per head” when determining a final number invited.

Venue – one you both like impacts so much of the wedding.

Overall vibes – Style that reflects facets of both personalities, such as casual, formal, or fancy.

If not working with a planner, tradition has the Groom in charge of the music and bar, however not combined to only these categories. Be a big support system. Go to appointments, listen, and give your opinion when necessary.

The Rehearsal Dinner –

The night before is not the same as a bachelor party, so limit the drinks and have fun. Waking up with a hangover is not advised or comfortable.

Working With Groomsmen

  • Pick someone that you are in close contact with now. The final group contains future friends and families including spouse’s siblings.
  • Asking your party 6-8 months before your wedding is the best time.
  • Send or give them a note and a gift asking them to participate.
  • Pick attire for you and your Groomsmen, whether renting or buying be conscious of the amount of money needed including tailoring.

Things To Do On The Wedding Day

  1. If picking a morning of activity, such as golf or brunch it is polite to invite your future father-in-law and close family members.
  2. Try and limit your liquor consumption until the reception.
  3. Also use this time to pay the vendors.
  4. The biggest responsibility is to have your men and yourself ready on time.

Groom’s Checklist For The Morning of

Here is a checklist to keep in mind.

  • Have an alarm to wake up to
  • Eat breakfast
  • Delight your soon to be bride with a gift or handwritten note
  • Put together your best look
  • Do not be afraid to say no when necessary
  • Stay hydrated, drink plenty of water leading up to the ceremony
  • Understand and familiarize yourself with the venue and schedule of the day
  • Address a thank you from you and your bride to your guests

The Wedding Night/Reception

The vows are over and now it is time to host your first party as husband and wife. Your only job is to let your guests know how delighted and grateful you and your bride are to have them there to celebrate. This can be done by circulating to the different tables one by one or giving a short speech at the end of all the speeches/toasts.

After The Wedding

  • Decide together on a honeymoon to-do-list prior, like you did with the wedding planning
  • Split up the thank you notes, you do your side, and she can do her side

The Best Man’s Duties

The role of the best man is being the groom’s right-hand man before, during, and after the wedding. He also is customarily in charge of planning the bachelor party. The best man often helps with organizing the other groomsmen. Helping the groom to pick out wedding attire, purchasing a gift for the groom, and planning the bachelor party. During the wedding, a best man traditionally holds the wedding rings, welcoming the guests to the ceremony and to make sure the other groomsmen are in their places at the appropriate times throughout the day.

The best man will lead with the first toast and make sure guests are enjoying themselves throughout the reception. The best man is there to give moral support to the groom as well, such as a pat on the back or keeping him focused with his head in the game.

The Rehearsal Dinner:
The rehearsal dinner is also a place to be as a best man, making a small toast to kick off dinner and the festivities to follow into the wedding the next day.

The Wedding Day:
The best man oversees settling the groomsmen into place and making sure they are always presentable. Serving as a witness when signing the marriage license may be required and the reception is kept moving by the best man’s hospitality as well.
The collecting of gifts may consist of the best man’s help too. Especially when it is time to transport to final spot away from the wedding venue.

After the Wedding:
He should make sure all rented clothing be intact and returned. This is important especially if the groom is off honeymooning.

Save this Groomsmen Guide! This is an easy step by step guide for the groomsmen to follow to make sure they know what there duties are.

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