Grandmas As Flower Girls

We are no strangers to catchy new trends in the wedding industry, but this new trend is so heartwarming I hope it is here to stay. Grandmas as flower girls may sound a little strange at first, but if you are looking for a fun way to honor your grandma, this just might be it! This gesture could add a special touch to your wedding and will for sure be a crowd-pleaser.

One of our recent couples chose to do this with their grandmothers, and I thought it was so beautiful I had to share. What a fun idea, and trust me, grandma will eat it up!

Team Grandma!

A few elements that help with grandma being a part of the wedding party. With kids out of the picture, you don’t have to deal with crying and temper tantrums. It spares you from the anxiety that small children bring. Will they make it to their spot down the aisle? What parent will carry or accompany them? Can they mind their manners during the vowels? One thing is for sure; the cuteness factor will still be there with grandma, I promise!

What about Traditions?

Non-traditional has become more of a thing these days than traditional. It is different for every couple, but it makes your wedding unique and is a chance to represent you and your fiance’s vision of tradition. When it comes to thinking about these fun choices for your wedding, do what you want. If you want your grandma to be your flower girl, do it up! Hopefully, she adds a little character down the aisle to really ham up the moment.

Xo Rebecca

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